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NOTE: This is a Request for Information about the United States Naval Academy. This is not a Preliminary Application.

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We appreciate your interest in the U.S. Naval Academy. Please read the Instructions thoroughly and complete each section in the space provided.

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PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT Authority: Title 5 USC Ch 301; Title 10 USC Ch 403 Sec 4346, Ch 503, Ch 505 Sec 5031, Ch 603 Sec 6958; Title 44 USC 3101; EO 9397. AUTHORIZE USE of data requested for PURPOSES of evaluation by the Service Academies. SSN AND CANDIDATE NUMBER are required for identification. DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY; however, failure to provide information could preclude appointment. RELEASE AUTHORIZATION: Submission of this application constitutes requisite written authorization by the party above whom the record is maintained for release to the following individuals/entities: appropriate Members of Congress (sources of nomination), other officer accession programs and to parent or guardian of record. Release to any other individual/entity is only as permissible by law.

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