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USNA Preliminary Application

NOTE: This is the Preliminary Application for admission to the United States Naval Academy. Please do not submit this application if you have already submitted a USNA Summer Seminar Application.

Click here for Application Instructions.

Please read Application Instructions thoroughly. Failure to comply with instructions can jeopardize your chances of gaining acceptance to the United States Naval Academy.

Please complete each section in the space provided.

Personal Information 
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Enter the highest scores you have received on the following College Entrance tests.
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SAT taken prior to 01-MAR-2016:
 SAT Math:SAT Critical Reading:SAT Writing:

SAT taken after 01-MAR-2016:
 SAT Math:SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing:SAT Reading:SAT Writing and Language:

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Navy Sports 
Have you been contacted by and spoken with a Naval Academy Athletic Association Coach about being recruited for a USNA Sport?: (Required)
If Yes, please indicate the name of USNA Coach:
If you have not already been contacted by a Naval Academy Athletic Association Coach, would you like to be considered for USNA Sport Recruitment?: (Required)
If Yes, please indicate which Sport:

If you are being recruited for a USNA Sport or would like to be considered for USNA Sport Recruitment,
please be sure to fill out the Sport Questionnaire that will be displayed when this Preliminary Application is submitted.

Military Service 
If you are on Active Duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, please indicate which Branch and Rank/Rate.

Branch of Service:

By SUBMITTING this electronic application, I am accepting the following:
1.I certify that the information submitted on this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. Failure to completely and honestly provide any information requested by the USNA may be grounds for withdrawal of any offer of appointment or may subsequently result in dismissal from the USNA and its summer programs.
2.If there is a change in information I have provided or has been submitted on my behalf to the USNA, I will immediately inform the Admissions Office.
3.I have NO convictions or beliefs which would prohibit my serving in an unrestricted military status.
4.I am not married, and have never been married.
5.For female applicants: I am not pregnant and have not given birth to any children. If I should become pregnant, I will notify the Dean of Admissions, USNA, in writing, as to my medical status.
6.For male applicants: I have never fathered any children. If I should father a child, I will notify the Dean of Admissions, USNA, in writing.
7.I have no legal obligation to provide financial support for any person. If I should incur this obligation, I will notify the Dean of Admissions, USNA, in writing.

PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT Authority: Title 5 USC Ch 301; Title 10 USC Ch 403 Sec 4346, Ch 503, Ch 505 Sec 5031, Ch 603 Sec 6958; Title 44 USC 3101; EO 9397. AUTHORIZE USE of data requested for PURPOSES of evaluation by the Service Academies. SSN AND CANDIDATE NUMBER are required for identification. DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY; however, failure to provide information could preclude appointment. RELEASE AUTHORIZATION: Submission of this application constitutes requisite written authorization by the party above whom the record is maintained for release to the following individuals/entities: appropriate Members of Congress (sources of nomination), other officer accession programs and to parent or guardian of record. Release to any other individual/entity is only as permissible by law.

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